The Curve

'Ready For Take-Off' MP3 CD - 12 Track CD by The Curve

12 Track digitally re-mastered CD out now on CD Baby! Track Listing: The Apparatus/Dark Star/Obsession/Tuesday's Child/Tao Baby/Prey For Nothing/Day One/Part Of The Show/Doctor Saturday/Tuesday's Child, (Instrumental),Bonus Tracks: Part Of The Show, (Fuzz Guitar Mix)/The Spacemen 






















'Adventure Playground' CD - 12 Track CD by The Curve

Track Listing: Earth Days Are Over/Cathy's Present/Betty's Dream/Blue Sorrow/Camera Days/Radio Honolulu/Tiny Town/Welcome To Nowhere/Shades of Night/Sarah's Streets/Juliette/The Curve, available 2018/19


The Curve at NIRA Studios

'Tuesday's Child' Sessions, NIRA Studios, Manchester, United Kingdom,








The Apparatus Demo - 4 Track E.P by The Curve

Doll's House Demo - 4 Track E.P by The Call