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'Wednesday's Child'

Space dream of a teenage girl through the darkened window of a tube train, the ghost lights shaped as half-moons, fleeting UFOs across the park,

It's three in the morning, a cold platform and outlines of blurred sleep, the blur of morning as a train arrives,

Rain falls in a drab sheet through the streets, glistening drops of water down the window pane,

Houses, shops, warehouses, suicide rate, not normal behaviour,

Left out of the impressions, 'too bloody weak' trailing her finger through the ash, 'I'm sorry I'm YOUR flesh and blood!' Slow drops of rain down the hospital window, 'Dr Mcarthy will see you tomorrow...'

'It's like a big machine, they tell lies about you' dreaming through the haunted darkness, the flying saucers over thinning suburbia, free fields and gulls above the shore,


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